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10 signs that a person may not be healthy

 What are the signs that a person is not healthy?

not be healthy

This is personal advice and is in no way a substitute for medical advice.

Here are the 10 signs that a person may not be healthy:

  1. She lacks appetite. Appetite is, according to the adage, a "good disease". Having an appetite means that the body functions well provided that it is a "real hunger", a hunger triggered by physiological mechanisms and not by stress, boredom, etc. responsible for snacking that is bad for its health. Having an appetite and satisfying it by making balanced meals is a guarantee of good health and helps to preserve it. On the other hand, lack of appetite can be symptomatic of stress, anxiety, depression or other.
  2. She doesn't look good. The skin is a reflection of our health. Pale skin with dark circles is synonymous, if not with illness, physical and/or mental fatigue. Rest is then necessary. If, despite everything, fatigue persists and the condition of the skin is not improved, it is better to consult. NB: you can be pale and healthy, it all depends on the complexion. Some people have a very pale complexion by nature, without being in poor health.
  3. Her nails are in poor health. Nails are a very reliable indicator of the state of health. They should be smooth, pink and without roughness. If this is not the case, they can be indicative of a dysfunction, especially hormonal. If they are striated, they can mean that the body is deficient in zinc or copper or that it suffers from digestive problems. NB: white spots on the nails do not necessarily indicate a lack of calcium. They appear following a nail shock and are therefore not to be directly linked to an internal health problem.
  4. His tongue is white or swollen. A pinkish, uninflated and canker sore-free tongue shows good general health. If, on the contrary, the tongue is white and seems swollen, it is better to consult, especially if it is accompanied by halitosis or a feeling of "pasty mouth". This can be symptomatic of mycosisdigestive disordersliver disorders (cirrhosis), an infectious focus, or even precancer. It can also reveal oral candidiasis, due to the fungus Candida albicans.
  5. Her hair is tired. A healthy person has vigorous, shiny and strong hair. On the other hand, if they are brittle or are lost in handfuls, they can be indicative of a deficiency or a more serious disease. Similarly, a healthy scalp, which does not itch, has no dander and does not burn indicates a good general state of health. If this is not the case, it can reveal an underlying disease or simply the use of cosmetics that are not suitable (too aggressive or on the contrary too nourishing).
  6. She has trouble sleeping. The balance of the body is achieved in particular with a restful sleep of good quality. If sleep is easy to find, the sleep/wake rhythm is well established, there are no nocturnal awakenings, sleep apnea or nightmares, the body and mind are healthy. Conversely, insomnia, or on the contrary hypersomnia without having the restorative effects of sleep must lead to consultation!
  7. She lacks energy. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Feeling fit, not feeling diffuse or local pain, having a sense of well-being both body and mental are indicators of good health. Note that temporary fatigue is not necessarily a sign of illness. It is a signal from the body inviting to rest. If, on the other hand, fatigue is prolonged or recovery is non-existent despite rest, then it is necessary to consult.
  8. His body is tense. The more relaxed the body, the more it regenerates. A permanently tense body does not repair any flaws and becomes more fragile. Stress, an organic problem or improper physical exertion prevent the elimination of toxins. Having the muscles relaxed, not undergoing any tension indicates that the body is in balance and that each organ performs its work correctly.
  9. She has weight problems. Good health is defined by both a good appetite and a stable weight. The BMI, the Body Mass Index, is an indicator to assess the health risks related to overweight or possible thinness. It should be located between 18.5 and 25. Body mass index is calculated by dividing weight by height squared. If it is greater than 25 or less than 18.5, it means that the weight can represent a potential health hazard.
  10. She has no sexual activity. Having regular sexual activity is an indicator of good health. Conversely, a loss of libido, a lack of lubrication for women and erection problems in men can be indicative of diseases concerning the genitals but not only... It can also reveal hormonal disorders, a chronic disease and certain cancers or have a psychological origin (depressive syndrome, marital disagreement, etc.).

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