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5 unknown elements that alert you to poor health


poor health

Health is our most precious asset, but it is also a part of our "intelligence" "body" "soul" whole.

That's why I would talk about mental health and physical health as a whole.

Now, let's look together at these warning signs of poor health:

1- The energy level

For me, the most crucial of all. If in the morning, when you get up, your only desire is to hang around, and you have no energy... you probably have very bad habits (screen in bed)

2- The tingling of the eyes

It's a bit of a complementary signal, when your eyes are constantly stinging you, it's a sign of mental fatigue.

3- Blinking

Again, the blinking of the eyes demonstrates a distraction. This is the witness of brain fatigue: you can no longer concentrate normally.

4- The belly

The belly is the second brain of the human

This quote repeated a billion times is totally true... if your belly makes you suffer: be careful.

This is probably the signal that we must change something (often the diet is too rich in fat, sugar etc ...)

5- Mood

Strongly linked to hormones, it will be a witness to our inner health. When you're in a terrible mood, it's actually related to your organs and your brain that works in a funny way...

And so it's to watch out for loan.


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