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8 benefits of argan oil that make it indispensable


Argan oil

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Creams, scrubs, conditioners, etc. Many cosmetic products use their argan oil composition as a selling point (even if all its beautiful virtues do not necessarily survive the manufacture of these same products!). It must be said that like its cousin black seed oil, this vegetable oil is currently very fashionable. Traditionally used for centuries by Berber women (hence its nickname "Berber gold"), it owes its fame to its many exceptional properties. It's quite simple: we have the impression that she knows how to do everything! It is therefore not surprising that in its region of origin, it is readily called a "gift of god". Discover with us the benefits of argan oil (or argan oil) that make it unavoidable.

1) Argan oil, an outstanding anti-aging elixir

This oil is one of the most antioxidant vegetable oils on the market, especially thanks to its vitamin E. There are also sterols that give it a strong anti-aging power. For all these reasons, argan oil is an ally of mature skin in loss of elasticity and flexibility. In addition to giving a good look to dull skin, it will strongly contribute to preventing the appearance of wrinkles and preserve the youth of the skin. To do this, a few drops massaged in the evening on clean skin will work miracles. This oil can even replace your day cream to fight skin aging!

2) A very effective nourishing agent

Argan oil helps to nourish the skin and soften it. The fact that it is non-greasy also makes it very pleasant to use. It penetrates the skin very quickly and effectively protects it from skin dehydration while significantly reducing dryness. The skin thus regains all the flexibility, especially in daily treatment on drier areas such as hands, elbows, knees or feet! In addition to massaging it on the skin before going to bed, you can also add a few drops in your bath to enjoy your fatty acids to the fullest.

3) Perfect hair thanks to argan oil

Its nourishing properties on the epidermis can also contribute to the good health of your hair. In addition to nourishing the hair, it allows the passage to protect your mane from external aggression and prevent the appearance of forks. Also know that it is one of the best natural oils to take care of colored hair without disgorging the color. On the contrary, it even allows you to keep the coloring longer! Thanks to this complete action, this beautiful liquid gold will make your hair soft and shiny.

We recommend here a use in oil bath (minimum 20 minutes before shampoo and if possible a full night for dry and damaged hair). Alternatively, you can also heat a few drops between your fingers to apply on the tips and lengths to nourish and tame them. Curly and curly hair loves it!

4) Argan oil, excellent... against acne!

When we see an oil, we tend to immediately imagine that it will be forbidden to combination skin and oily skin, and even more so for skin prone to imperfections. And yet, argan oil is formidable against acne pimples. If acne skin appreciates it so much, it is because it is non-comedogenic (this means that it will not clog the pores) and it is very antioxidant and healing. Its nourishing and restorative effect is also appreciated by skin damaged by an anti-acne treatment and acne scars. It is to be applied in the evening on clean skin or in local treatment with a cotton swab.

5) A very good healing product

Argan oil is very commonly used in pregnant women to avoid stretch marks on the breasts and belly. However, it can also be used on the upper thighs or on his arms if necessary. Its healing power makes it as useful against cracking as against eczema, frostbite or very dry lips in winter. A few drops will be more than enough to make all the difference over the uses!

6) Argan oil to strengthen your nails

This oil is a very effective ingredient against brittle, soft and split nails. In addition to using a few drops in daily massage, you can add a little lemon juice in a cup to bathe your nails for about ten minutes. This will make your nails strong and more beautiful!

7) For a relaxing massage

In case of tension (for example for athletes), it is possible to use argan oil for massage. It is indeed very beneficial for the muscles and joints that it allows to relax gently.

8) Argan oil for health

In this article, we have more specifically listed the cosmetic uses of argan oil. However, you should know that this oil also exists in a food version. In Morocco, it has been consumed for millennia to fight cardiovascular diseases. Supported by various studies, this use for heart health is effective, as dietary argan oil is anticoagulant and plays a role in blood pressure, plasma lipids as well as antioxidant status. Its richness in tocopherols and squalenes would also slow down the proliferation of cancer cells in the prostate. In general, its antioxidant power can play a role in the prevention of cancers.

How to choose the right argan oil?

First of all, know that cosmetic argan oil is not to be confused with edible argan oil. By buying the second, you will not benefit from all the cosmetic benefits because of the very different manufacturing process for these two oils. It is therefore necessary to choose what use you want to make of them, because they are in no way interchangeable. For a skin and hair application, take the cosmetic version well.

In addition, always opt for the purest oil possible. Indeed, manufacturers often cut it with sunflower oil or another cheaper oil. This then makes it much less effective. And if not, as with olive oil, choose a cold-pressed oil so that all its virtues are well preserved and preferably organic! Argan oil is a more expensive oil. However, by choosing a good product, a few drops will be enough to do wonders...


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