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How To Get More Followers On Pinterest 2022

How To Get More Followers On Pinterest 2022

You have a website built, you have your products ready and your affiliate links have been cloaked and you’ve even set up all your social media accounts to help promote your website. But now you’re stuck in a quiet place before your site is ranking and receiving organic visitors.Your plan includes promoting your site on Pinterest but you don’t know how to get more followers on Pinterest.

You’re creating Pinterest boards, and you’re ‘pinning’, but nothing much is happening. So what’s the best way to speed this process up? Can someone give up the secret of how to get more followers on Pinterest?

The Good News.

The good news is the answer to this question is yes. I can tell you how to get more followers on Pinterest and it’s really very simple.

2000 Pinterest Followers In 1 Month.

I’m going to show you how you can easily get 2000 followers on your Pinterest account that will naturally help to drive organic traffic to your site, and you will be able to do this in one month by following these simple steps.

How To Get 2000 Followers On Pinterest.

1.Sign up for you Pinterest account and log in.

2.Search for your appropriate subject.

For this example, I am suggesting that you have a site dedicated to ‘Interesting Stuff‘. This is very generic and not something you would ever use but as an illustration, it works fine. So move to the top search bar and type in an appropriate subject which in this case is ‘Interesting facts‘ you will see some results in a drop down that you can select. We will select Interesting facts.

3.Results for Interesting Facts search.

You will see the results are multiple boards that can be selected but we are not going to select the board, we are going to select the ‘Pinners’ button between the main top navigation and the boards. So let’s make that selection

4.Pinners are now selected.

You will now see that you have groups and on the group headers you can read the name of the group and how many followers are in the group. Take the first result in this example, Psychology Facts Interesting group which has 1.2K Followers, all interested in Interesting facts. Let’s select this group.

5.Select the header title ‘Psychology Facts Interesting’ to move to the group.

6.Now you can select the followers tabs 1.2K Followers

7.Now you see a more accurate number of followers of 1172

8.Now start selecting ‘Follow’ buttons on all the members.

How Does This Help Me?

What just happened and how does it help me? The simple fact is that if you find pinners that are interested in the same subjects they are likely to follow you and start driving traffic to your site. You just started a website dedicated to interesting stuff and you found a group on ‘pinners’ interested in interesting facts.

You can follow 300 new ‘pinners’ per day and by the time you are following 10,000 ‘pinners’ in approx 33 days, (10,000/300=3.33) you will have picked up around 2000 of your own followers. Each one of these followers will have an interest in ‘Interesting facts’ and the pinners following those pinners will have similar interests.

Now all you need to do in pin on a regular basis and watch the snowball effect as your followers and your followers, followers start driving traffic to your site organically for free. In short, you are getting free semi-qualified visitors to your site.

This strategy should be used in conjunction with other methods of social media promotions using all tools available to you. You should be publishing on a regular basis, creating quality content for your readers. For full training and support, Wealthy Affiliate is here to take you from ‘square one’ to becoming a successful affiliate marketer with a successful online business.

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