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Best Free Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms


Best Free Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

So you decided you’re staying at home after becoming a mom but it’s time to get back to work. Not only to bring some money in, but also to get back into the race, but how do you become a work at home mom and bring in an income online?

This post could be the ultimate guide to how to become a stay at home mom with ideas on what kind of work is out there and what kind of work would suit you.

There are a number of ways to make money from home online and we’ll look at a substantial list before homing in on the perfect option for you.

What Are My Options?

Work at home opportunities should offer a good choice and flexibility for all you stay at home moms, and will appeal to you depending not only on your interests and how determined or ambitious you are, but also what your income requirements might be.

Let’s have a look at some of the low ticket options, by that I mean those options that are are relatively easy to start, but bring in only a moderate income.

For those just looking for pocket money you can look towards something like Dog Watching, Freelance work on Upwork or Elance, or perhaps Cold Calling Sales jobs. The list for these types of jobs is long, but I’m only using them as examples of work opportunities that stay at home moms can commonly be drawn to, as part time work from home.

But what if you’re a little more ambitious and dream of a full-time income to support your family while working from home?

Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms.

Online work at home opportunities for new stay at home Moms offer an exciting array of options such as….

1.Surveys For Money.

Not a big money spinner but with enough surveys you can start to make some pocket money. Not really a serious contender for an online jon for stay at home moms.

2.Freelance Writing.

If you have an enjoyment of writing and some experience this could be a great way for you to get some extra income. Those of you with experience and a demonstratable portfolio can go way beyond earning additional income and start pulling in a full-time salary.

If you can not demonstrate a body of work don’t let this stop you chasing the goal of writing for a living. Time and patience pay dividends, as the more work you do the better you become and the more demand will grow for your services.

To begin your freelance writing career you should visit these websites to get an idea of requirements and expectations.

Media Bistro
Pitch Me
ProBlogger Job Board
Freelance Writer’s Den

3.Data Entry.

Without previous experience, it’s possible to get a Data Entry position, which may not be sexy but it brings in some coins. If you’re not after high octane excitement and just want to take simple instruction than this is a good option. Data entry may not be the flashiest of jobs, but it does provide consistent work and doesn’t require prior experience.

Data Entry work can be found on some of the following companies

Virtual Bee
Capital Typing

4.Customer Service / Sales Representative.

If you’re a ‘people’ person and enjoy helping other people, Customer Service or Sales Repping is always a staple, and can sometimes be assigned as a work from home position. For more information on this angel visit these companies.

The Connection
Uhaul Contact Center
Exact Customer Service
West at Home
Skyes Home

5.Selling items on eBay, Amazon, ETSy.

These are ‘staple’ sites that have stood the test of time and while this can be drop shipping they can also utilize affiliate products and services which overlap into the Blogging sphere and Internet Marketing which I want to talk about a little later.

The main difference here is that ETSy is designed for those selling their own product, specifically arts and crafts, and Ebay and Amazon offer multiple product ranges from multiple sources.

6.Writing a blog & 7.Internet/Affiliate Marketing.

These two are so similar I am adding them to the same header. They are both online marketing with intent using Webpages and SEO to target search criteria to gain traffic based on those searches, leading to a sale. I want to talk about this more and explain why this is perfect for Stay at Home Mons.

The Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms Going Back To Work.

Slightly easier as you can imagine for the stay at home mom with experience in a field that is well suited to online fulfillment For those of you with experience in your area of interest there are many opportunities for you to carve your own niche.

1.Freelance Writing. With a body of work as a sales tool, you can leverage this work to bid and win work online.  Writers turned stay at home moms returning to work have the opportunity to jump back into work online is relatively easily by signing up for freelance work via Elance or UpWork (Odesk).

2.Sell items on eBay, Amazon, ETSy With experience in selling products or online promotions, the opportunity to post and sell items online is at your fingertips. It’s big business although you have to take into account this model does require order fulfillment and customer service.

3.Internet Marketing/Blogging. Grouped together as they overlap each other, those familiar with running an interest or money website can turn their hand to monetising a blog site marketing all manner of products such as those found on ebay and amazon, or other affiliated products and services.

5.Buy & Sell Products You’re familiar with.
Do you have an interest in a particular area or do you have access to certain types of products? What if you had a specialist interest niche and access to these niche products, you could leverage this and start marketing these goods as an expert.

Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms With No Experience.

Even with no experience, Jobs for Stay at Home Moms can be found.

Taking surveys is a great option for stay at home moms because there’s no experience needed, payment is in cash, you can work from home, work the hours you like, it’s super easy, and you can start right away. The downside is that many cash for surveys are scams to you need to be cautious.

Some websites you can visit are Cash Crate, Opinion Outpost, Vindale Research, Inbox Dollars, My Survey.

Direct sales.
Direct sales is another option. Think Tupperware, does this paint a picture?
Don’t kid yourself that’s it’s an easy gig because it’s not, you will have to put many hours and lots of energy into this option.

Write blog posts.
If you have experience writing or a beginner this is an option. Many people like you start writing for blogs to earn money. There are professionals who have a living salary and those who supplement their income by blogging. Which one do you want to be?

HOW? Join an online freelance site like Elance or Upwork (Odesk)and start building a portfolio of work. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will be charging for your time. The downside to this is getting a portfolio together, iIt ‘s the chicken and the egg thing all over again,
So what is the best online job for a stay at home mom?.

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