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Cons and pros of the game Minecraft .. Its purpose

game Minecraft

What is the goal of the game Minecraft

The main goal of Minecraft is exploration, survival and the ability to build in the world of Minecraft, when you start playing, you must determine your main goals, whether survival or creativity in construction

If your main goal of Minecraft is to survive only, this is easier, as new players in Minecraft are presented with many challenges that they must pass and use the available resources to build a shelter, find food and create the tools they need in order to build the place where they want to live, in this mode, monsters appear (called mobs in Minecraft) and

In the creative mode, players get from the beginning the building blocks and basic materials they need to build from the beginning, so there is no need to worry about mobs in this mode, and in this type, players can unleash their creativity and ideas to design anything that comes to their mind, and there are no limits to creativity from the design of castles and imaginary buildings to the redesign of buildings taken from real life.

Benefits of Minecraft game

Minecraft game can be very useful for children, and has multiple benefits to improve basic skills in children, and the advantages of Minecraft educational:

Imagination and creativity

Minecraft is a useful game to feed the imagination, where a child or an adult can enter into endless challenges, or build amazing works that require special architectural intelligence, and the options available are endless that help the child in feeding his imagination and creativity skills.

Problem solving skill

In order to start building in Minecraft, the player must overcome many obstacles and challenges, and he must look for sources, and discover how to build tools, collect food and find shelter from enemies in the evening, and the process of construction is not an easy process, but this process needs to sharpen mental, imaginative and creative skills

Learn math and geometry

Building in Minecraft helps to learn basic lessons in geometry, architecture and algebra, and advanced players in Minecraft also benefit from special lessons in Computer Engineering and electrical engineering.

Concentration skill

Minecraft requires a large concentration in order for the player to succeed and build, and the larger the size of the construction that a person puts in the game Minecraft, the greater the need for greater concentration in order to work step by step, and some projects take hours or even days to be completed.

Planning skill

When a person first starts playing Minecraft, they start from scratch, they must plan in advance to build things together, they must carefully set goals, gather resources, design tools and do step-by-step construction.

Teamwork skill

There are a lot of Minecraft players online, there is also a complex for online players, and an important part of playing Minecraft involves teamwork with other players and making adjustments and others .

Confidence skill

Minecraft game leaves you in the world of a new mogul without instructions, and you must for success to discover and rely on yourself, and there are great challenges, but this game gives you the freedom to innovate and experiment, and children can make mistakes that will learn from them.

Pros of the game Minecraft

Minecraft is not an ordinary video game enjoyed by children and adults only and make mistakes in it to learn and build, but it is also an important interactive educational station that helps a person understand many things such as how the car engine works or many others.

Minecraft is a very huge educational platform, where one or several players begin to build structures made and do inventions, the child learns more about technology such as how computers work, and the child can gain more information about programming and have an incentive to learn more.

This game also does not train the child only to obtain and retain information, but also helps him in the use of the information he learned in New Ways and means, as the game Minecraft is a safe games for children, there is no sexual overtones, or drugs, or bad language and offensive words, or the use of weapons, or even blood

One of the most positive things in the game Minecraft, which we need to apply in other children's games that are famous for violence is the lack of violence in this game, and focus in the survival mode to survive and not fight, and the player can avoid this mode too, and the only thing that is not safe in this game is that

Minecraft also encourages children to be creative and curious, they can explore, build and discover what is inside the world they design and control, and must monitor and track many tasks at the same time in order to survive and enjoy the game.

Cons of the game Minecraft

Minecraft game can be very addictive

It is common in our time the addiction of children on the screens of their mobile phones or iPad and the game Minecraft is no exception to this rule, and it is sometimes difficult to stop the child from continuing to play when he is enjoying it, as can lead to the child's attachment to the game Minecraft to busy performing other tasks and short of lessons.

This game can expose the child to bullying

Minecraft can be played by multiple players online, some of them can be violent or bully, players attack each other and kill other players and steal things they got or bought, they can also destroy buildings that they are tired to build, and this type of attack and violence that destroys what a child has worked on can be more exhausting than the real-life violence that a child is exposed to in war games for example.

Spending a lot of money

Some players can sell special equipment they have in the game such as tools, weapons or other things to other players on their own account (i.e. a player buys important equipment from another player for real money), but this is dangerous because some children can spend hundreds of dollars on this game without the knowledge of their parents, and even take money surreptitiously to pay for purchases from other players on Minecraft.


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