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Electronic Cigarette: A Healthier Option Than Real Smoking


Electronic Cigarette

If you are a smoker, then you should consider kicking the habit. All doctors (even the ones that do smoke) agree that tobacco cuts your life by a considerable margin each time you inhale the substance. This is not to mention the carcinogenic properties found in tobacco raising the risk of cancer. If you are not interested in quitting the habit, then you can at least consider using an electronic cigarette.

The device has been around for over three years. The purpose of it is to provide smokers with a healthier option as they indulge in their favorite past time or addiction depending on what level smoker they are. The physics of it is simple. It looks feels and tastes like any conventional cigarette. It contains a battery an atomizer and a small cartridge that contains liquid nicotine. Once the user inhales through the cigarettes butt, the battery atomizes the cartridge turning the liquid nicotine into vapor. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker just like any other cigarette would look like. To add on that, the electronic cigarette also has a LED light that lights up when you are using the device. This is to mimic a real cigarette therefore making your smoking experience as real as it gets.

The good thing with using an electronic cigarette is that the user can reduce the nicotine intake with time. This makes up a good strategy to quit smoking one day at a time. Another big plus is that the cartridge contains enough nicotine to drive the smoker to where 15 to 20 cigarettes would have dropped them off to. This impact is felt on making big savings when it comes to finances allocated to the smoking habit. These cartridges come in various strengths; standard, medium, low and zero nicotine. They do so in order to help the smoker cut down on nicotine consumption with an aim of quitting the habit altogether.

The Better thing is to give up smoking totally to ensure a healthy life. Then the smokers will be able to spend more in proper dieting.


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