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Google will remove all apps using this feature, for the sake of your privacy


Google  remove all apps

The rules have changed. As of May 11, 2022, Google will ban all third-party call recording apps on the Google Play Store. The Mountain View firm wants to strengthen the security and privacy of its users.

Call recording is perceived by many as an interesting feature, specific to Android. Manufacturers who natively offer this function will be spared.

Bolt tightening

Google wants to put an end to the existence of the many applications, more or less popular, which allow you to record calls as an audio file on your phone. This practice is not in compliance with the Accessibility API, according to the company. As a result, as of May 11, applications that will still offer to capture calls will be removed from Google's application store.

Beyond a constantly more rigorous policy regarding user security, it is mainly the legal differences between countries that pose a problem for Google. Some parts of the world prohibit call recording features, while others allow it. The France tolerates it on one condition: having the consent of both members of the conversation (Article 226-1 of the Penal Code).

Obvious limitations

If Google wants to remove apps that allow everyone to record phone calls, it's hard to think the firm will succeed in the short term. First, this is a change specific to the Play Store. Apps downloaded from another app store will still be able to work and offer the same service.

In addition, the few manufacturers (such as Xiaomi) that natively pre-install a recording function are not affected. One of the differences is that a third-party application must obtain permissions, often of native equivalence.

« If the app is the default phone app of the smartphone and it is also preloaded, the accessibility request is not required to access the incoming audio stream and, therefore, there will be no infringement," Google explains.


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