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Great guide to earn money on the internet by working at home


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Earning money on the internet through working from home has become a trend adopted by many people around the world because of the great flexibility that characterizes it.

How to make money on the internet by working at home?

While others choose it to earn additional income by working in a field in which they have some experience or knowledge, and through which they can use their free time to do useful work.

The areas and methods of working from home vary and are increasing day by day. In this article, we review the most important of these areas with a simplified explanation of each area and how to work with them.

General tips to follow before you start working from home

1.Ne not leave your main job until you have chosen and mastered one of the areas of working from home, and work there for a period of at least one year with a return equal to the salary of your main job or higher.

2.Don't try to focus on more than one area, especially if you intend to learn one of these areas from scratch, but choose one area that suits you, and you see that you can master it, work with it for a long time, start learning it and specialize in it.

3.Ne not bother with certain circumstances such as the availability of a special computer, or with particular specifications, or even the presence of an office dedicated to you, but try to take advantage of what is available, and in the future you can upgrade, and change what you want in your work environment, the important thing is to get started.

4.Don't think about profit and start appreciating and expecting it at the beginning of your work, as this can frustrate you and prevent you from mastering the area you are trying to work in.

5.Follow the experts and specialists in your field to see their expertise and advice, start applying it, and then create your own strategy at work, as the advice of experts and professionals is based on practical experiences.

Different areas to make money on the internet by working at home

Now, I will start to review a wide range of ways to work from home, in each method I will provide an explanation, and then, if necessary, I will address a group of specialized sites on which you can find a job opportunity, and then I will review a set of important points and tips that will help you succeed.

It should be noted that while there are specialized sites in some areas below, freelance sites are a great source for getting work opportunities in most areas of working from home.

Let's start by showing the areas of working from home:

1- audio transcription

Most of us listen to audio material most of the time, between songs, podcasts and audiobooks, so what is wrong with enjoying this material and working from home in the field of audio transcription, in this field through which you listen to recorded material and convert it into written texts.

There are sites specialized in this area that you can register and start working on, and here and independent sites... The job market in this area is vast and it is easy to reach customers.

And you can achieve this without effort or cost, because you can reach your customers via a Facebook post on your personal page... You show that you provide this service and are ready to receive requests from people who want to convert their audio documents into readable texts.

Among the most important sites to work in this field:

• rev.com/freelancers


Tips and notes in this area:

1- Although this area does not require investment in huge or professional tools and equipment, the presence of high-quality headphones is very useful in this area... especially if the audio material you convert to readable text in a foreign language or the quality of the recording is average.

2- Accuracy and coordination are two important elements in your success in this area, as the main goal is to convert text from audible to readable; It is that the customer can see clearly organized content that can be read easily without grammar or spelling mistakes in an orderly and clear way.

3-You can easily train in this field by converting audio media such as audiobooks to text. This helps you during exams for specialized sites that sometimes require taking several exams and trainings until you are accepted.

2- Vlogging

You may have already heard of this field, but not under this name, because Vlogging is the most professional name in the video industry (like creating a YouTube channel on an idea), and profit comes in several forms such as marketing and product review. for businesses or websites Or through advertisements, whether via Google or Facebook.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- Continuity is one of the ingredients for success in this area, so make sure you keep constantly adding videos to your channel.

2- Meaningful and useful content, even if it can sometimes be less profitable than entertainment content, but its scalability and continuity are easier, and it attracts the attention of sites and companies if the domain of your channel is suitable for the promotion of services and products.

3- The name of your YouTube channel or Facebook page should indicate your domain in some way.

4- Avoid using loose titles to attract attention, especially if they have nothing to do with the content you provide... This will negatively affect the reputation of your channel or page.

5- Do not take seriously all the negative or positive comments on your content, and choose the comments that seem objective to you, and that will help you develop your content

3- Evaluation of search engines

Working from home in the field of search engine evaluation is a fun and easy field to a large extent, due to its relationship with the operation of search engines , which is fun and useful for anyone dealing on the Internet.

Through this field, you evaluate the search engine results to see their relevance to what the person using the search engine is looking for.

Basically, you are given a search topic and the results for that topic are pulled from a particular search engine, such as Google and Bing, and then you will decide whether or not the results are suitable for the search term.

Your assessment is based on a number of factors, and then you evaluate the overall result based on your findings.

Search engines use special algorithms to help people find what they are looking for, but search results still need human beings to test the effectiveness of these algorithms to make sure they are working properly and provide results related to the searches that have been done.

This company is the best company that offers the opportunity to earn money on the internet work from home in the field of search engine evaluation:


Tips and notes in this area:

1- Most companies in this field do not need previous experience in the field to be able to work with them, and some of them offer extensive training to help you qualify to work in this field.

2- If you fail or pass the training, don't worry, you can try again later, but the number of attempts is limited, so try not to need to retrain more than once or twice at most.

3- Fluency in languages and some simple technical knowledge, which will be very useful for you to work from home in the field of search engine evaluation.

4- Correct grammatical errors

This field is suitable for graduates of language schools who are looking for an opportunity to work in their field of study and add unique experiences to their CV.

Through this field, you correct linguistic errors in texts, and these texts vary between articles, books, searches, etc., for example, you can work as a language proofreader on one of the sites or blogs that publish large content on a daily basis, and you need to review it linguistically.

Or you can work in this field by registering on one of the freelance platforms, which offers the opportunity to work from home in the field of language error correction, and provides this service to its clients.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- English is one of the most popular languages in this field, so the competition is great and difficult, so we advise you to look for a less competitive language to be able to compete with it and easily find the available opportunities.

2- Improving your skills in the language in which you intend to work in this field is necessary and helps you increase your salaries and create better opportunities.

3- Specializing in a specific area in one of the languages is very desirable, for example, there are people who request a linguistic correction for certain areas in a specific language, and this specialization usually has a higher salary than the linguistic correction in general, for example, the linguistic correction of legal documents written in German has a higher salary than the linguistic correction of the German language in general.

5- Enter the data

The field of data entry is an easy field, and it doesn't require much study or experience to start the job. All you are asked is to add numbers and data in special tables or via Google Sheets or Excel.

As for the calculation of the return, it is either by the hour or by the number of data to be added, and sometimes a particular system can be agreed... This is in the case of dealing with people requesting this service outside of known sites.

Regarding sites, you will find a special section for data entry in most freelance sites and small tasks.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- Knowledge of the rules of Google Sheets or Excel is one of the main requirements for this field, but you do not need to have a professional knowledge of these tools... You just need to know the basic rules for writing, and formatting cells, and it is easy to learn,

2- Speed is one of the main factors on which your salary is determined. You can always increase your speed of writing and entering data through training and practice.

3- Accuracy is also an important condition for success in this area, because speed sometimes leads to errors, which affects your income in this area, so speed must also be accompanied by precision.

6- Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most prevalent domains on the internet as a form of working from home, and we now see many successful blogs and sites in various fields, which make good profits every month, whether through profit by adding AdSense ads, or review certain products from them and take advantage of them Affiliate Marketing System.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- Creating a blog does not require more skills than writing, and some technical skills, which you will acquire over time easily

2- A successful blog is the one that tops the results of search engines such as Google and Bing, and this is called SEO, and it is an important factor for the success of your blog, and make profits from it.

3- New and exclusive content is what will entice visitors to visit your blog constantly, so make sure you have your own content that you stand out with.

7- Medical programming

The job of the medical programmer is to review the medical records of the services provided to the patient and then translate them into the appropriate code to facilitate subsequent addition to the patient's bill.

Opportunities to generate revenue from this area continue to increase among medical centers that require medical programmers to work from home, and the demand for this specialty is increasing at independent sites such as Upwork.

Among the most important sites to work in this field:


Tips and notes in this area:

1- This field may require some knowledge or training in the medical field, but it is not difficult because there are many organizations that provide these trainings via the Internet.

2- This field must be familiar with the English language in general, and the medical terminology used in that language in particular.

8- Travel agency

Working from home as a travel agent is a new idea, as tourism agencies allow many of their employees to work from home. Previously, you had to go to the offices of the travel agent and browse the offers offered if you wanted to book a flight or vacation.

Today, the process has become easier thanks to the Internet, technological development and mobile applications... Customers can use the internet to search for prices and package offers themselves, they can call the agency to book a plane ticket or do it all online.

Therefore, you can work from home as a travel agent, either through one of these agencies or on your own through your own website or page on an independent website.

Note that the method of accounting with the agencies is agreed in advance, and is often a system of commission in proportion to what the customer pays for the trip, while the accounting varies according to the independent sites, so it is on time.

Finally, if you work in this field through your own website or page on a social networking site, you can determine the appropriate amount of profit for you based on your costs, effort, and time.

Among the most well-known companies working in this field

- ovationtravel

- worldtravelholdings

Tips and notes in this area:

1- You must carefully read all the information available on the Internet concerning the countries for which you offer travel offers.

2- Don't focus all your thinking on knowing the information you'll need to fulfill your role as a travel agent, but instead focus on ways to provide good service to your customers and get their satisfaction such as after-sales services and travel reviews.

3- You can consult many training courses in this field on the famous Alison website.

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9- Translation

Translation is one of the most demanded areas globally due to global openness.

In the beginning, the field of translation was heavily focused on the English language, as it represents a large part of the scientific and entertainment material that we encounter in our normal lives, but this has changed recently, especially on the Internet.

We see sites that have more than one interface, each of which depends on a different language. There is also a demand for translation of scientific and literary documents such as films and novels.

In general, the field of translation is one of the areas that does not require a regular presence in the workplace, so it was one of the first areas of working from home, which has continued since its inception until now and is expected to continue for a long time.

From this point of view, translation companies have begun to prefer to deal remotely with their employees and clients, which has led to the existence of sites that require specialized, and sometimes non-specialized, translators and train them until they reach the required skill.
You can start working from home in the field of translation via one of these sites:



Of course, most independent sites have a translation section, and you will find many opportunities there.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- The number of translators to and from English is relatively large, so finding an opportunity to work with this language can be a challenge, but it is not impossible as long as you are proficient in this language.

2- Research before entering this field helps you to know which languages are in high demand, or which of them provide a high income, especially if you intend to master a new language, it will save you the trouble of mastering a language and discover while the competition is difficult or the financial profitability is relatively low.

10- Remote accounting and bookkeeping

Remote accounting and bookkeeping, and intended to take over the responsibility of recording the financial transactions of an institution.

Although we are used to the fact that this work requires the presence of an accountant at the headquarters of the company or establishment, this has changed thanks to the technological development that has led to the transformation of paper financial transaction documents into a digital document. form, which allows its users to access this data at any time, and via any computer or such.

This area is rather new, so most of the sites that offer the possibility of working from home are foreign, which requires special conditions.

But global independent sites like Freelancer, Upwork, or micro-service sites like Fiverr do not require more conditions than knowledge of accounting rules in general and mastery of one of the accounting programs.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- This field is very suitable for university graduates specializing in the field of financial accounting, as the accounting rules are considered the same on a global scale, so qualifying to engage in this field is relatively easy for them... It just requires knowledge of the English language and average technical knowledge.

2- To ensure excellence in the field of accounting and remote bookkeeping, the tax legislation of the client's country must be known, as well as any differences or changes in the accounting rules followed by this country

11- Logo design and sale

Do you have a simple knowledge of logo design tools? Well, you can take advantage of this knowledge to design logos and sell them on the Internet... This is a high-demand area of working from home

On top of that, you can work in this field locally for clients near you: like your friends or acquaintances who need to design a logo for their businesses or stores.

Also, sell your creations on the Internet on several sites, or even on a special page on social networking sites like Facebook.

The most important sites through which you can sell the logos you have designed:


Tips and notes in this area:

1- If you do not have logo design skills, you can learn it easily via YouTube, or via self-study sites on the Internet such as Udemy, where you will find several free training courses given by professionals in this field using various tools, and in the simplest way.

2- You have not found free training on self-study sites? You can search for training courses on YouTube, there are also pages of social networking sites such as Facebook that offer free courses and simplified conferences in this area.

12- Design and sell photos

This is the most advanced level of logo design. If you have a great knowledge of image editing programs and can design images to your liking or edit them with great precision, there are several sites on which you can sell your images.

This area is not only in demand on the Internet, but there is also a demand from people on social networking sites, and sometimes small or medium-sized businesses that need to edit their own photos and have no desire to hire a full-time person.

Tips and notes in this area:

1- Don't limit yourself to dealing with one site or tool, but try more than one site and more than one tool. Then decide which one is best for you.

2- This is an area that needs excellence and innovation, so that old or duplicate companies will not be sold or profited.

3- Always use the latest version of the applications you use, in order to avoid any errors or problems that you may encounter during your work, and also enjoy the new features that are added to the applications with each version.

13- Sell products with your creations on them

This is almost the 3rd area of this article on working from home that is suitable for people who have skills in using photo editing and editing software.

In my opinion, it is considered a natural development for anyone who has started working from home in the previous two fields and wishes to develop it should be noted that this field requires several other skills in addition to photo editing skills.

Through this field, you sell products such as t-shirts and mugs with logos and images of your design through sites on which you register, and it is responsible for selling the product, printing it and shipping it to the customer in exchange for a percentage of the profits to be shared between you and the site, and this is predetermined in the terms of the site.

That is, all you have to do is design the logo or image, upload it to your account on the site, and then add it to the products you want, and then the site displays those products to its visitors.

Why does this field require skills other than photo design and editing?

Well, the answer is simple... Designing a logo or image and adding it to a product is easy, but knowing which products are popular and which have a demand is the main driver of sales and continuity, and it requires a lot of research and knowledge. trends in vogue.

Here are some of the most important sites where you can sell products with your creations:

Merchant by Amazon


Tips and notes in this area:

1- Although the entire sales process is the responsibility of the site you have registered on, it is your responsibility to market your products, and this can be difficult at first, but with some effort, you can easily do it.

2-Seeing the opportunities and holidays of the audience of the site you are dealing with is essential, because as a result, you will make designs adapted to these occasions, which increases the possibility of selling these products.

3-Sites like Merch by Amazon and Teespring display the best-selling products based on several factors such as price, user reviews... These are statistics and data that you can use as a guide when designing your own product.

14- Create training courses and sell them on educational sites on the Internet

Do you know how to get by with Photoshop? Or do you have the competence to repair a specific electrical appliance? Or maybe you can explain marketing strategies in a specific area.

Excellent, you can now take advantage of all these skills in the field of working from home, creating a training in which you explain what you master in these or other areas, and then sell them.

Several recent statistics have shown an increase in the percentage of people who want to learn new areas and skills online, prompting you to convert your skills and experience in one of the areas you are interested in into training and sell it online. Not only that, but it motivates you to learn new skills, master them, and then explain them in a simple way.

If you search on Udemy's popular website, you'll find a large number of courses in various fields and skills.

With a few observations, you will find that many of the owners of these courses are people who have themselves studied certain areas and then prepared these training courses from the reality of their understanding and practice of these areas.

Of course, there are training courses offered by university professors and specialists on these sites, but this does not prevent that there are magnificent trainings whose owners started from scratch in this field and then mastered and professionalized it, then offered these trainings for a sum of money and the success obtained, which prompted them to take this field as a permanent source of income.

There are several platforms through which you can offer your training for a symbolic price, the best known of which are:


Tips and notes in this area:

1- Although professional photography of the content is of course required, the clarity of the sound and image in general is the most important factor, so with simple tools like a smartphone and an external microphone, you can record the content of your course without complications or huge costs.

2- Do not rely solely on your knowledge in this field, but do research, and see training for the same content that you intend to address in your course... This will give you the opportunity to improve and develop your content and the way it is presented.

3- Organize the content of your course and divide it into objectives and units, so that it is coordinated and easy to adapt to your target audience, who, if they like the content of your course, will recommend it to their friends and acquaintances, and they will also follow you, and participate in your next courses.

15.Become an online tutor

Do you like to teach? Are you looking to make money online as a tutor?

Then online tutoring is one of the easy online jobs for you where you can make money by teaching others.

Due to COVID 19, almost all educational institutions are offering online courses. Plus, there are a ton of people who use online platforms for education.

So, if you are interested in teaching, you should definitely try online tutor jobs.

How much can you earn as an online tutor?

Most online English teachers typically earn between $10 and $40 per hour depending on their skill level. Your earnings per hour vary from subject to subject.

According to Tutor.com, online tutors typically earn around $30 an hour. This amount can increase to $50 or $60 per hour, for advanced subjects such as SAT preparation or calculation.

Where can I find online tutor jobs?

Here is a list of some of the best platforms to find real tutor jobs online.



√ You can teach from the comfort of your home because you just need an internet connection with a laptop
√ You can teach online from anywhere in the world
√ You can be your own boss and you'll have more freedom to spend time with your family You make money by teaching others (so it's a win/win approach)


As an online tutor, you need good time management skills because there are too many distractions when working online.

16- Questionnaires

Although the field of working from home by filling out questionnaires is a relatively new field, it is one of the areas that provides income without little experience or education, like the rest of the areas of working from home.

All you are asked to do is register on certain sites, add the data that the site requests to add to your account, and the site will send a message to your email address when an appropriate questionnaire is available to you.

After completing the questionnaire and answering the questions correctly, you will be rewarded; Either for a specific amount that is determined before you start completing the survey, or for a certain number of points that you can then convert into cash or other gifts: such as a discount voucher on a shopping site

But remember that the payment is made when the threshold is reached to transfer your winnings.

At the beginning of the presence of this field in the Arab world, the number of sites soliciting participants from Arab countries was very low, and the rate of sending questionnaires to subscribers was very low... There was almost one questionnaire per month, and the minimum withdrawal of profits was high.

Now, with the increase in the number of these sites, the number of surveys sent to participants has increased, and there are different forms of payment methods, and an appropriate minimum withdrawal of profits sometimes reaches $ 5, and it can be achieved by filling out a few surveys

Tips and notes in this area:

1- Creating more than one account on the same site exposes you to the risk of prohibition, and the loss of all profits or points obtained, and the ban will not only concern your email, but will concern the devices you have used ... which means the loss of any possibility to create other accounts even if the intention is to process correctly.

2- Be sure to fill out the questionnaires with your correct opinions and data without mentioning any private details or accurate financial information. This adds credibility to your response, making you eligible to receive more surveys.

3- Check the payment methods, and receive the benefits before registering on each site, as some methods may not suit you or may not be available in your country.


In addition to the possibility of making money on interning per work from home in all of these areas on sites that specialize in each area, most of these areas are also required on freelance sites such as Freelancer and Upwork, and microservices sites such as fiverr.


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