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How to become a web editor without skills?


web editor

The job of web editor is to write content adapted to the web and is practiced a lot as a freelancer. Once you have proven your ability to write, you will be able to find missions by registering on dedicated sites. Before that, here are some ways to train you:

1. Develop your writing skills. Writing well is of course fundamental. To improve yourself, read a lot of articles, and write regularly, starting with topics that are close to your heart and that you master. Have your loved ones read your writings and ask for honest feedback. Take care of your spelling. Structure your remarks. Your expression should be fluid and natural: a good test to evaluate it is to read your text aloud. So, how does it sound?

2. Familiarize yourself with internet codes. Be aware of best practices: for example, we often adopt a less formal tone online and rather short formats. For inspiration, follow brands or influencers you like and study their posts. Observe their tone, how they adapt their content to different channels, their choice of titles, the length of their posts, the questions they ask their readers.

3. Don't write for yourself. Your goal is to engage your readers. You must therefore show empathy to identify their problems and adopt the appropriate tone.

4. Master SEO techniques. This is one of the main goals of online content, and therefore of your future customers. Many online or physical training courses exist on SEO: what keywords to use, how to play with the formatting of the text, choose a good title...

5. Practice, practice, practice and make yourself known. For example, start a blog, offer contributions to media, write an article on Medium... Force yourself to write often, even small posts. Don't be afraid to share what you do. You will gradually improve and be encouraged.

Good luck!

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