The mortgage or rent needs to be paid on time, birthday presents need to be bought, and the car insurance is going up again this year.

There’s no end to the demands on your income, regardless of how much money you have coming in, it all goes out so fast, you feel the money ends before the month does. Without the steady income from your soul-crushing job there would be ever fewer choices….. so how do you quite a job you hate?

Start A Home Based Business.

If you want to start a home based business, what I am about to share with you requires your TIMECOMMITMENT, and HARD WORK. If you’re afraid of any one of these requirements then leave this site and continue to dream of making a better life for yourself.

If on the other hand, you have the energy and desire to succeed and you’re prepared to work towards your own success, then come with me as I show you how I changed my life, and you can too.

Who Should Start A Home Business?

If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to ask this question, but I’ll ask anyway.

Are you unhappy at work?
Do you feel isolated or left out?
Do you think you are capable of more?
Do you see others progressing while you stay in the same position?
Have you lost all interest in your job?
Do you feel you have no prospects?
Do you stay up late into the night, dreading the morning because you have to return to that place?
Do you just want to run away?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions you are the right person to start a home business.

Depending on the skills you have to offer and want to use, you have many options when offering your services online, for example, look at all these jobs you could do online.There are many more opportunities out there depending on your requirements and skillset.

*Online Translation*QA & Testing
*Web Research*Data Entry
*SEO – Search Engine Optimization*Copywriting
*Technical Writing*Web Content
*Creative Writing*Games Testing

I mention these options for the sake of balance because today, I am not interested in any of these options. I want to talk to you about something very different, but first, I need to tell how I came to be here.

My Story.

Before I get to the ‘meat’ of this post I want to tell you my abridged story of how I got here. Please bear with me.

For a decade I was employed in the tech industry and earned good money, but slowly the money became less, my certifications started to expire, and my interest simply drained from me. The Tech industry to me was just a place where you needed to RUN just to stay in the same place. The money was not as good as it used to be and in short, I was burned out and couldn’t or didn’t want to carry on.

To address this predicament I put myself on a course of self-exploration in terms of different online money making schemes. I understood tech and I could build websites so why not get into online business right?

But I had no idea what to sell or how to sell whatever ‘it’ might be. I also let myself get bogged down with restrictions of those tasks that I could carry out myself.

My first attempt was an e-commerce site. I sourced providers and products and built a website, but it struck me that drop shipping was the least appropriate option for me. I would need to take care of the site build, populating the database, promotion and marketing, order fulfillment, returns and refunds. Basically everything apart from driving the delivery van. At this point, I realized I would be spending all my time running a customer services department rather that running a money making Website.

My Next Idea.
I realized affiliate marketing would be the best way forward so I embarked on a program of training and built my websites. Sadly after 2 years and a couple of thousand dollars in wasted courses and software, I had only netted about $100. Clearly there was something that I was missing?

The Big Change.

Now I want to tell you what happen and how it changed my life.

One day, through no particular route I literally stumbled on a website that I confess, I initially skipped over after a very brief read. I am sure you can find some affinity with me when I say I was tired of reading promises and hearing about other people success. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that I revisited this website and start to take it seriously.

The name of the website?

How To Succeed Working At Home.

Together with a Plan of Action, a Set of Goals and a lot of Support and Training, you will need the following qualities because I promise there will be times when you don’t want to continue. Times when you throw your arms in the air a say “That’s it! No more!!!” Times when nothing seems to be going right. But you know what? The old expression suits here. ‘nothing worthwhile is ever easy‘.

You need to prepare yourself for hard work before reaping the rewards and bring to the table Commitment – Determination – Motivation – Eagerness to Learn – Self Discipline – Ability to Organize – Focus.

This program is more than the sum of its parts, it’s a service, it’s a community, it’s both a development environment and a platform offering training with ongoing 24/7 support for both technical and training issues and much much more.

This University is built around its huge community which is second to none and something they’re very proud of.

If like me you’re genuinely looking to earn honest money online, work with fellow entrepreneurs, take advantage of a wealth of help and give help to others in the community, learning more than you thought possible

For your initial money making Website your action plan or business plan is laid out for you through the training provided, and you can choose your direction.