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How To Remove a Window Frame


Removing a Window Frame

How To Remove a Window Frame

You just need right tools and some skills to do this task. What you need to do is just unfasten the nuts and bolts in the window frame. Hinges and stays can be reused, so keep them in safe place after removing them. Remove the glass too, as it may break while working on frame.

Now take a hacksaw blade and put it in the gap between frame and the brick work. This will help you to cut the fixings. Move the blade down slowly until the blade touches the fixings.

To remove the mortar joints, use plugging chisel. Take a brick or bricks away and keep them safe for replacing later. Scrape off the mortar bed under the window sill.

Now you are ready to tap the frame out from its place with the help of mallet or hammer. In some cases, you need to remove the internal window sill or window board to take the frame away.

It is necessary to decide before removing the frame, that how you want to replace the frame. There are many ways to fix the frame like to remove the horns or build them, using screws or nails driven into the wooden plugs or using screws driven into the plugged holes assembled into the brickwork.

Here, the steps used are associated with a window frame having horns built into the brickwork and are fixed with wooden plugs and screws.

Adjusting the existing plugs can be sometime enough, but if the plugs are loose enough, it is better to replace the. For frames positioned by fixing cramps, you may need to bore new holes into the mortar.

After setting everything, try to place the frame on its particular place and check if everything goes fine. Remember if you are dealing with any woodwork old or new, you need to apply preservatives and prime before fixing the frame. Use trimming tools to fix the frame afterwards.

Now pt the frame into the opening, it should be well fixed in the opening. Now fasten it with screws through the frame into the plugs. It is better to drill the holes for screws in the frame to make the securing job easy.

Now check the replaces bricks for any damage. Replace the damaged cricks with new ones and fix them in the wall around the horns. Apply mortar underneath the window sill as well to secure it. Replace the glass and hand the window.

Now fill in the small openings between brickwork and frame with mortar. It should be filled in a way to cover the 10mm of the area outside the edge of the frame. Still if you find any gap, you can use resin or mastic to fill them. Apply paint to the frame.

If you notice any sign of rot, it is better to treat it immediately otherwise it will weaken or soften the timber and there are chances to replace the entire window sill. So, it is better to deal with them in initial stages with hardener and specific wood filler.

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