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How to sell a pen to anyone?


How to sell a pen to anyone?

Until recently, in most job interviews for positions related to marketing or sales in general, this question was asked to survey potential recruits about their relationship to sales, to gauge their skills in this area, and especially to see how they would work to sell the pen.
Recruiters have gradually come to terms with the idea, because now, in a simple search on the Internet, you can have the answer to the question. It therefore no longer has much value in maintenance.

If this is your case, and you ask this question for a future job interview, I would be happy to help you.

First of all, know that the answer to the question of the pen is considered one of the flagship principles of the art of selling.

It applies to absolutely any type of product, service, micro-service, physical or digital good...

The secret lies in the fact that you should not sell the pen itself. It is necessary to focus on the need that this pen meets. The result, the added value that this pen will bring to the life of the customer in front of you. Once this need is identified, make the prospect understand his need, put him in front of his problem, and you will only have to wait for him to face you an offer for the solution that will fill his lack.

"Be nice, please sign me an autograph?

-I don't have a pen myself.

-Exactly, supply and demand my old"

And bim. A pen sold in two exchanges. The seller has created the need for the buyer.

Once the need is identified, or even created (this is the art of advertising, to make feel a non-existent need that is solved by the purchase of this or that product), the person in front of you will have no choice but to buy you your pen. This is the principle of supply and demand. You are offering supply to any request.

The wrong answer to the pen question would be not to focus on the need the pen meets, but to describe its features and functionality, as most people would.

"Well, it's a super nice beige pen, it writes in a very elegant blue..."

The customer doesn't care about that. What he wants is the result obtained by buying this pen, the problem it solves.

If there's anything to remember from this pen question, it's this unavoidable law in marketing: if you have to sell a product or service, sell the end result to your customer. Talk to him about his situation after buying what you offer. Don't kiss with technical explanations to explain the how, but focus on the why.

Do you want to start as a freelancer in writing good SEO articles? Do not explain which methods you will use. No one cares. People aren't as passionate or obsessed with SEO as you are.

And this fundamental rule applies to any type of business.
Do you sell training? Tell me about the result at the end of this training, what I would have learned and what I could do, not the methodology or pedagogy.
Do you go around the neighborhood to wash people's cars? Describe the feeling of novelty and cleanliness that your customers will feel once their windows and seats are washed, do not bother with "I will use a garden hose and then a squeegee..."

Create, identify the need! Sell the result, not the product!

How to sell a pen to anyone? By not selling the pen, but the line on the page.

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