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Why install an antivirus or security suite for Mac?


Antivirus for mac

Why install Antivirus on a Mac? Contrary to popular belief, Apple's computers are not magically immune to threats. Even though it is less prevalent than on Windows, malware exists among other potential risks.

The Virus-Free Mac: A Misconception That's Becoming Less and Less True

The Mac has a virus-safe computer image. And this image is partly founded. If malware experienced an explosion in the early 2000s, on Windows, it is in particular because of the omnipresence of the latter. Windows' market share quickly became massive as the Mac remained a niche platform. Malware authors seek to target the systems that will bring them the most profit possible, especially since cybercrime has become an economy.

Securing Windows at the time was also at issue at a time when Microsoft lacked an approach that the Redmond firm eventually adopted. But while the Mac's robust security has real foundations and continues to evolve, macOS is not free of vulnerabilities, and can be the target of malware. There are simply fewer of them.


Fewer... but still on the rise. Regular surveys show an increase in the number of malware, including adware, on Mac. In recent years, we have also seen ransomware spread via rather ingenious methods, hidden for example in applications like Transmission, even spoofing a developer certificate to bypass the barriers built into macOS.


Adopting an antivirus on Mac makes it possible to defend against these possible threats, and especially to do so preventively, even if Apple regularly updates its integrated protection. Windows users can attest to how simply updating a database of listed malware is no longer enough.

In an environment that has become multi-system, it is also not uncommon to juggle, in the office or at home, between Macs and Windows PCs. An antivirus on Mac is also able to detect Windows malware on a USB flash drive or external hard drive that is used to transfer data between the two, without the risk of running it.

Phishing and network attacks: a universal risk

Beyond downloading and installing malware, cybercrime uses universal vectors that do not care about the security level of an OS. The target of online scams is not the system, but the gullibility of the user. A page that pretends to be an online bank, administration or delivery company to steal credentials can affect a "Mac addict" like a Windows user. Security software includes features to detect and block these fraudulent pages or addresses. Most web browsers offer an anti-phishing module as standard. Adopting a solution provides additional expertise to detect pages that would slip through the meshes of another filter.

A Mac, like a Windows PC, can be vulnerable to attacks on the network and needs a firewall to defend itself. This allows you to protect your data from suspicious connections opened by an application, which could transmit sensitive data to its servers. An effective firewall also boosts your level of security on public Wi-Fi networks. The one integrated into macOS has the merit of existing, but remains quite basic as to its features: it does not offer a simple way to block outgoing connections.

Parental controls: more comprehensive protection

MacOS includes a parental control module. It offers basic features: blacklists or whitelists of websites, setting time slots, limiting access to certain contacts, or filtering iTunes or Mac App Store content according to classification criteria. Adopting dedicated security software can enhance this protection with more responsive web content filtering that is updated by a publisher who specializes in these tasks. The protection can be adapted to each child via personalized profiles.

With the essential role of dialogue and trust in mind, security software can be effective tools for detecting cyberbullying attempts. Similarly, the idea is also to allow the remote authorization of certain content via a web interface. A complete parental control solution can reassure you about the use your children make of their computer, and this is valid on PC as on Mac!


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