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Is the system cash mail reliable?


system cash mail

Why doesn't the Copy/Paste template generally work?

American offers in the field of marketing are usually 
3 or 4 years ahead of other continents.
Most of these offers are identified by European players who will then market them in Europe and/or Africa.

The cash mail system is a training offer inspired by the United States.
You will find, for example, ad texts where you are made to believe that a simple copy / paste is enough.
The essential prerequisite for 
writing a good ad is to know the profile of your ideal customer. You don't write the same way at 20s or 40s.

In these systems, first-timers usually make sales and then it is increasingly difficult to find customers as time goes on.
When a prospect sees the same ad 
hundreds of times, they forget.

In email marketing, the penalty is even heavier. There's every chance that your membership will be considered spam and will never reach your recipient.

Selling on the Internet requires standing out

Selling on the Internet is in many ways identical to traditional selling.
You need to understand your target's needs, add value to their expectations and ultimately you will sell.

How do I get started?

There is a first skill that everyone needs: knowing how to convince.
The second essential skill is to know the basics of commercial writing or copywriting.

You have a limited budget, start by buying a book like the book of persuasion:
Robert Cialdini Influence and Manipulation

At the copywriting level, you can read the Boron Letters.
They are available free of charge her: 
The Gary Halbert Letter :


Then invest a little more and train with people who practice what they teach on a daily basis. The Web is evolving very quickly.
To succeed, you will need to find your own "tone".
Get inspired, never copy.

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