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Drinking water to lose weight: is it effective? How to do it?


Drinking water

The desire or need to lose weight often triggers a dietary rebalancing that can sometimes even be akin to a total change in eating habits to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. The practice of physical activity for weight loss and finding a flat stomach is also a classic as part of a diet, as is good sleep. However, we also often hear about water as a slimming ally without fully understanding if it really helps to lose weight or knowing how to use it if this is the case.

Indeed, it is well known: the consumption of water is essential to the proper functioning of the body. Also, it is part of the daily life of many people who consume it throughout the day without seeing the extra pounds disappear. Should we conclude that water is not effective for weight loss? Let's take stock together.

How is water good for weight loss?

First of all, know that when you are thirsty, your brain delivers a signal that is the same as that for hunger. Also, we can then be led to snack to satisfy a craving, while the simple fact of drinking would have calmed these sensations. Thus, water consumption acts as an appetite suppressant and reduces snacking. Feeling hungry? Drink a glass of water and wait a bit. If this is enough to soothe your appetite, it's because your body was actually asking to drink! Otherwise, you can take a low-calorie snack to soothe your hunger.

In addition, water induces an acceleration of your metabolism to the tune of about 3%.. To be clearer, this means that you increase by 3% the energy your body needs to function... and therefore the number of calories you burn! Water will also help rid your body of waste, toxins and fats accumulated over time while promoting hydration of the body. Enough to optimize the results of a diet. This will also allow you to digest better, which is also a big advantage, but also to limit excess salt and water retention, especially in association with the consumption of dietary fiber. This reduces the risk of swelling over the course of the day.

Scientific studies to support

A study conducted by Wageningen University compared the effects of 50 ml of water or 350 ml of water consumed alternately after the meal. The researchers then measured the effects of this consumption on the brains and stomachs of the study volunteers. However, those who drank the most reported a better feeling of satiety and had higher brain activity than those who drank less.

Another study conducted by the University of Birmingham in overweight people had separated them into two groups: one drank half a liter of water thirty minutes before each meal and the other simply had to imagine the feeling of satiety. As a result, the first group had lost an average of 1.3 kilos more than the second group. However, these are results to be weighted because the participants were supervised and had been sensitized to the issue of a healthy lifestyle.

How to consume your water to lose weight?

To use water to its full potential, there are a few rules to follow. During these studies, participants drink large amounts at once to allow better observation of the results between the different groups studied. However, in daily practice, it is usually rather advised by doctors to drink small amounts throughout the day. And to benefit from the appetite suppressant effects of water, drink one or two glasses (no more) about 20 to 30 minutes before going to the table.

But that's not all! It is also essential to choose the right drink. Indeed, when we talk about water, we are talking about pure water and not fruit juice, tea or coffee that do not have the same virtues even if we find water and they are also liquids. Still water is also preferable to sparkling water. Sparkling water can indeed cause digestive disorders, starting with flatulence and a swollen belly that we do very well without!

Finally, remember that different waters have different virtues. Rich in magnesium, water will reduce fatigue and small cravings, and rich in sulfates, it will be good for intestinal transit and the elimination of toxins.

Remember above all that you should not bet everything on water to lose weight!

With zero caloric intake, water alone does not make you fat or lose weight. Well used, it can be an ally for health, but also as an accompaniment to a diet. However, it cannot replace a balanced diet and adapted sports practice. Without it, it will have no effect on the numbers displayed on the scale, regardless of how you consume it.


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