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The Best VPNs for Google Chrome 2022


google chrome vpn

While all VPNs offer users dedicated software to perform all the tasks required of a service of this kind, some of them also include extensions for web browsers, just to gain in comfort and speed of use on a daily basis. However, not all tools of this kind are created equal: it is therefore important to take into account several factors in the face of the many choices that are imposed on the user.

The usefulness of VPNs in 2022

It's been several decades since VPNs appeared on the internet. And yet, the real phenomenon related to the use of these tools dates back to only a few years ago. The growing questions of the general public regarding the security of data on the web have allowed these software to benefit from an exponential popularity, especially if we want to keep a certain form of anonymity on the internet.

A VPN allows you to hide your IP address, secure your internet connection or access sites and content (such as streaming for example) normally inaccessible in your country. For all these reasons, it is recommended to grant yourself the services of a Virtual Private Network, whether free or paid. This involves the installation of dedicated software or, in the case that interests us here, a VPN extension directly implanted to a browser.

Why choose a VPN extension on Google Chrome?

Caution is the mother of safety: it is possible to juggle between a VPN, Tor or private browsing. So you might as well take as many measures as possible to protect your trace on the web. After all, a hacker can potentially exploit an IP address for malicious purposes if they manage to get their hands on it.

In order to improve the experience on the web, some Virtual Private Networks have extensions of their application available directly on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, just to name only the most popular. These extensions allow you to better control your VPN connection and manage it directly via your browser (so it is mainly a solution of comfort and speed).

However, a quick search on the Chrome Web Store gives us hundreds of different results, which does not make it easier for the user to choose, especially since some can potentially be scams or software whose purpose is to steal personal data.

For these reasons, here we offer a comparison of the best VPN extensions for the Google Chrome browser. They will therefore also be available for Brave, Vivaldi or Opera.

How to choose your VPN on Chrome?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a VPN extension for a browser. First, compatibility: does the VPN offer an easy-to-use extension that is fully compatible with Google's service? Then, security: this is obviously one of the most important prerogatives of a VPN. The VPN must benefit from military-grade encryption to best ensure the security of the user's data. In addition, does it keep the connection logs of the latter?

The VPN extension must also be reliable, allowing all beneficiaries of the tool to enjoy its features in any situation: for example, it must be possible to connect easily even if there are fewer servers, or keep an eye on data limitation. Finally, in the event of a problem, does the service benefit from technical support, with accessible customer service and with a respondent?

All of these features set good services apart from the most mediocre, and it's important to consider them when making a choice for a VPN. It is for this reason that we return here to the best extensions available on the market.


Cyberghost grants its proxy plugin for Chrome for free, and in doing so allows to hide the user's IP address, encrypts data and blocks all malicious content. Currently, this plugin allows access to servers in 4 countries: usa, romania, germany and holland. Unfortunately, this extension does not come without flaws: it is not secure when accessing Flash content, and does not allow the use of killswitch. Cyberghost offers a 24-hour free trial of the full app (this time with access to all features and more than 8,000 servers in 90 countries), in addition to a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Set up cyberghost extension on Google Chrome

First of all, you obviously have to add the Chrome extension to your browser, then the logo of the application should appear alongside all the other extensions used. To activate the plugin, you must then click on the logo and choose from the 4 accessible countries. Then, each user can turn the feature on and off with a single click by pressing the extension button. In parallel, the user can obviously download Cyberghost for maximum protection. To learn more about how to set up Cyberghost's chrome extension, this comprehensive guide should help to get a clearer picture.


Not free, ExpressVPN is currently one of the best VPNs for Google Chrome. It enables fast browsing and streaming without any data limitations, over 3000 servers in 94 different countries, military-grade encryption, and customer service available via live chat every day, and every hour. So it ticks most of the boxes among the important things to find in a quality VPN. In addition, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee: if the test of the extension does not please the user, he can simply retract and choose another offer. It is important to specify that it is necessary to have a paid account with ExpressVPN to be able to activate the extension on Google Chrome.

Set up the ExpressVPN extension for Google Chrome

To install the ExpressVPN plugin on Google Chrome, you have to go to the Chrome Web Store, run an "ExpressVPN" search and choose to install the extension. It is also possible to find it at the official address of the service. Once downloaded, the plugin asks the customer for identification and then launches automatically. The extension is easy to use and allows you to both search for a server or choose the fastest one, and its configuration is relatively easy. Overall, this plugin guarantees a completely honest experience, even if no free version is available.


NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the most popular VPNs among Internet users, thanks in particular to various particularly successful marketing campaigns. But behind the ads, the service is ultimately very solid: its application is simple to use and provides enhanced protection thanks to more than 5800 servers scattered in 59 different countries. On the Chrome extension side, NordVPN allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the tool, by encrypting the data that passes from Google Chrome, but also thanks to its automatic blocking of the WebRTC module which avoids any leakage of the IP address. This plugin also stands out from the competition by offering the CyberSec option, the latter to block invasive ads and potentially malicious sites.

Set up NordVPN to Google Chrome

Like other services of this kind, however, it will be necessary to have an account with the Provider NordVPN. Several offers are available (4.39 $ per month if you commit for one year, 2.89 $ for 2 years of commitment) according to the needs of the user. Once the account is created, you will simply have to fill in your credentials on the extension after downloading it via the Chrome Web Store. Then, users can choose to connect quickly via the "Quick Connect" option, or manually choose the server that suits them best. A very simple configuration for veterans as well as neophytes.


Relatively recent compared to its big brothers ExpressVPN or NordVPN (born in the late 2000s / early 2010s), Surfshark has established itself as one of the references in the field thanks to a complete service. The Chrome extension falls into the same category: in a few clicks, it allows you to browse the net anonymously thanks to its 1000 servers scattered in more than 60 countries. In addition, unlike other services of this kind, Surfshark guarantees total confidentiality thanks to the provider's no-logs policy. This is essential for many users, but it is not always respected by the competition.

In addition, the Surfshark plugin is only accessible if you have an account for the classic application: there is therefore no free version of the extension for those who would like to test it before making a final choice. However, for just under 2$ per month (for a 2-year subscription), Surfshark is one of the cheapest solutions on the market. In addition, the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get an idea of your qualities before embarking for good on the annual subscription.


BrowsecVPN is one of the free options offered on the market when it comes to VPN plugins on Google Chrome. It allows access to servers in four countries for free (Netherlands, USA, Singapore, United Kingdom). Unfortunately, the speed offered by these free servers is quite disappointing, and it is recommended to switch to the premium solution to really enjoy the capabilities of this VPN. With the paid option, BrowsecVPN allows access to 40 countries and more than 1000 servers around the world.

It benefits from 256-bit AES encryption that grants very good security, but has one main flaw: Browsec keeps user logs, and stores them in Russia. In addition, according to its privacy policy, BrowsecVPN can share this information if the courts require it. It is therefore not the most secure VPN to browse the web anonymously.

Hotspot Shield

Thanks to a proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol optimized to offer great speed, Hotspot Shield stands out as one of the fastest free VPNs on the market today. The idea behind this protocol is simple: it compresses the user's data and reduces the latency (i.e. the famous ping) of the VPN, which allows a faster connection, all without losing security. However, it is important to mention that the free version of Hotspot Shield only allows access to SERVERS based in the US at the moment: in other words, if a server is used by too many users simultaneously, we can see a decrease in speed in the connection to them.

Moreover, Hotspot Shield fulfills the contract by offering a 256-bit AES encryption system and DNS leak protection, but also an emergency shutdown device to secure online activity in case of disconnection for example. Hotspot Shield's Chrome extension is easy to use, easily accessible, and encrypts all browser data. Inevitably, to encrypt the data circulating on your device, it will be wiser to install the application on your computer.


ProtonVPN is currently one of the only free services that allow access to an unlimited amount of data per month. That is, each customer of the extension can enjoy Chrome anonymously (streaming and browsing) without having to worry about their data. However, like every free solution, it is limited to three different server choices, and reduces usage speeds. For those who would like to test the premium offer before potentially switching to a paid subscription that unlocks all these limitations, ProtonVPN offers a 7-day free trial, after which anyone can decide to upgrade or change their subscription.

Among the main qualities of the provider's paid solution, it should be noted, for example, that it benefits from a "zero log" policy and does not pollute its advertising interface. This makes it one of the most interesting services of the moment, both for users attracted by its free, but also for all those who bring great importance to data security.


With its 2 GB of free data per month, Hide.me offers a limited but interesting free offer to test its capabilities. This corresponds to about 7 hours of streaming in SD quality, or 30 hours of web browsing. Thus, if it will be enough for one or even two days, it is on the other hand too limited for free use for a whole month. The non-paid version also allows access to 5 servers located in 4 different countries (Canada, Singapore, Netherlands and USA). However, Hide.me cut short all these flaws by offering a fully secure free version: killswitch, 256-bit AES encryption and DNS and IP leak protection are automatically offered to users of the free solution. In addition, unlike many other free VPNs, Hide.me does not collect any data that can identify its users.

Another feature that sets Hide.me apart and gives it a growing exposure to users: it benefits from a fairly strict anti-advertising policy that prevents the permanent appearance of the latter. Overall, Hide.me offers a limited free version, but with premium security features. The paid offer allows access to many other servers and an unlimited data stream.


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