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Why are many people obsessed with Elon Musk? #elonmusk #elonmusktwitter



What would you do if you won €200 million in the lottery?

You would buy a big house, you would have a few butlers to serve you... Would you travel all over the world and be drunk in all the bars? After that, you'd buy a yacht and an island somewhere and spend your days sipping cocktails?

Well Elon Musk had the opportunity to do that after selling PayPal. But he decided otherwise... he wondered what he could do to improve the world we live in with his fortune instead of spending everything selfishly.

He then invested in Tesla and lost almost everything to rethink the idea of the electric car, which saved millions of tons of CO2 that would have been released into our atmosphere. Very few people can say that they have had such a positive effect on the world.

His other companies like SpaceX and Solar City, or his incredible ideas like the Hyperloop make the world exciting again. They make me think about our future, and I tell myself that someone at least is doing something to help stop global warming. Even though we're talking about one man, it's a bit like Luke Skywalker and the people who appreciate him so much... it gives hope to a generation that feels that its elders have sold their planet to earn the maximum amount of money.

We may not feel the change that Elon Musk has brought us now... but the gift he gave us by betting his fortune is that one day, we will all look back and we will think that a guy had the cuckoo*** to do what he did. One day, everyone will say that Elon Musk is at the origin of an energy revolution and we will remember him as we remember Newton today...

If you can't understand that, then you have to look at your own patterns in life and ask yourself:

"Is this person doing what they are doing just to enrich themselves, become more powerful, and leave a legacy? Or is he really trying to make the world a better place for everyone?"


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